Thursday, 6 August 2015

VLOG: Meeting Steve Harris from Iron Maiden

If you've been reading my blog for a while (which I don't imagine you have!), you'll probably know by now: I'm a little bit obsessed with Iron Maiden! They're my favourite band and I've been listening to them since I was about 12. When I was 17, my mom took me across the country to see them live for the first time and that was one of the most exciting days of my life! Since then I've seen them life two more times and it's all just cemented the fact that they are amazing, ground breaking, most important heavy metal band in history, etc.
Well, a few years ago the band's founder, Steve Harris, started a side project band and this band plays much smaller venues. And just last Sunday they had a gig in Birmingham, which I attended, and there's even a vlog! I imagined this moment a thousand times over in my head for so many years and I still can't believe I actually met him and even shook his hand. I SHOOK STEVE HARRIS' HAND! Yes, it's been 3 days and I'm still buzzing! haha
If you want to watch me fangirling hard, just watch the vlog! This guy is in Portuguese, but there are other English videos up on my channel right now and there are loads more coming up, so subscribe so you don't miss any of them. x


Se voce me conhece, ja deve saber: eu sou um pouquinho obcecada pelo Iron Maiden! E' minha banda favorita e eu escuto eles desde que tinha uns 12 anos de idade. Quando eu tinha 17 anos, minha mae se deslocou comigo de Porto Velho pra Sao Paulo pra me levar num show deles e desde entao eu fui em mais dois shows e so confirmei tudo o que eu ja achava: eles sao incriveis ao vivo, pioneiros, banda mais importante da historia do heavy metal, etc.
Bom, alguns anos atras o baixista e fundador da banda, Steve Harris, comecou um projeto paralelo chamado British Lion. Essa banda nova toca em lugares muito menores e Domingo passado eles fizeram um show em Birmingham, que fica perto de onde eu moro. Entao eu fui e gravei um vlog! Eu imaginei esse momento milhares de vezes durante tanto anos, ainda nem acredito que conheci o Steve Harris e ainda apertei a mao dele! EU APERTEI A MAO DO STEVE HARRIS! Sim, foi tres dias atras mas eu ainda to animada! haha
Entao se voce quiser assistir essa aventura, e' so' assistir o video! Ele e' em portugues e no meu canal virao outros videos, tanto em Ingles como em Portugues entao se inscrevam pra nao perder nenhum! x

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Chill Out, It's Only Been a YEAR!

iPhone pictures from a weekend away in Wales. I never knew Wales could look so tropical on a sunny day!
Fotos tiradas com o iPhone em um fim de semana no Pais de Gales. Nao da nem pra acreditar que Gales tem esse look tropical num dia de sol!

Hello, all!
I'm not quite sure where to even begin. It has indeed been a whole YEAR since I've updated this baby and oh, I have missed it! I've had blogs on and off since I was 12 so I guess a part of me feels like I was born to blog, but some other part gets very lazy very quickly and so... A year's gone by without me even noticing it!
I guess the other thing is, when I left this blog, I was feeling some sort of misplaced internal pressure to look and sound like everyone else and that made blogging less enjoyable for me and I hated losing my favourite hobbie over something silly like that. I finally noticed that a couple of weeks ago when reading some old posts from way back. I could tell how much enjoyment I got out of putting the effort into pictures and writing the posts back then and it was all much simpler than my later posts.
So I've decided to come back. This time doing it my way and doing it for me, but hoping you'll come along for the ride as well! I've also decided to start writing in Portuguese as well, so all my friend and family in Brazil can also benefit from my useless knowledge of beauty products! 
You might have noticed the blog name's been changed. I just felt like I had outgrown the "Ferdie" and I've now fully developed into "Fernanda". Like a butterfly! How poetic is that, eh??


Ola, todo mundo!
Eu nem sei muito bem por onde comecar. Sim, faz mesmo um ANO inteiro desde a ultima vez que eu atualizei esse blog, e olha, fiquei com muita saudade! Eu sempre tive blogs, desde que tinha uns 12 anos, entao parte de mim sente que eu nasci pra blogar. Mas a outra parte e' pura preguica, entao um ano se passou e eu nem percebi!
Eu acho que a outra coisa que me fez deixar o blog de lado foi uma pressao interna besta, que me fez sentir que eu tinha quer ser como todo mundo, fotos iguais a de todo mundo, escrever igual a todo mundo... E isso me fez perder o animo de atualizar o blog e eu odiei perder meu hobbie favorito por algo besta assim! Umas semanas atra eu estava lendo uns post antigos e so' de ler dava pra perceber que eu gostava de preparar as fotos, escrever os posts e era tudo muito mais simples. 
Entao eu decidi voltar! Dessa vez vou fazer tudo do meu jeito e pra mim, mas espero que voces venham comigo de carona tambem! Tambem decidi comecar a escrever em Portugues tambem, pros meus amigos e familia ai no Brasil tambem se beneficiarem do meu vasto conhecimento inutil de produtos de beleza!
Tambem decidi mudar o nome do blog. Nao estava mais curtindo a vibe do "Ferdie". "Fernanda" e' mais legal, ne' nao??

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Olay Regenerist Skin Perfecting Cleanser - Review

After getting into a bit of a panic about the state of my skin, I knew I had to shake up my skincare regime ASAP. On my emergency trip to Boots, alongside the La Roche Posay face wash, I also picked up this Olay Regenerist Skin Perfecting Cleanser. I had read a review on it a long time ago  on a Braziliand beauty blog and thought it sounded good because of the Salicylic Acid in the formula. It turns out, that's not actually listed in the ingredients (don't I feel silly!), but this is still, nonetheless, a little wonder of a product!

I'd never tried anything from Olay before, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. This cleanser has a gel texture and it contains micro foaming beads, which help lightly exfoliate the skin. I like that it doesn't foam up too much (which should hopefully mean I won't get told off by Caroline Hirons for using it!), but it still gives my skin a squeaky clean feeling without making it feel tight or dry at all! I also can't believe how much this has improved the texture of my skin. I like to use it in the mornings, as it feels very refreshing on the skin and I feel like it helps the following products on my regime sink in better on my skin.

If you've got normal to oily skin, I definitely recommend picking this up. And, if you don't like it, no harm's been really done: it costs just under a fiver from Boots AND it's always on offer!

Have you tried anything from Olay? xx

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Grillstock in Bristol!

Bristol is a wonderful city. It is absolutely beautiful and there is so much to see! But really, we decided to go after a friend posted a picture on Facebook of this amazing restaurant he'd been to and so my husband decided he wanted to go there for his birthday. Saying "we went to Bristol for Joe's birthday" sounds so much better than "we went to Bristol to eat at Grillstock" so that's what we're going with!

Grillstock is a tiny little restaurant in Bristol's Triangle West! Their main selling point is the quality of their meat and their focus on barbecue. It consist of only one very long table and benches, so we were lucky to get a couple of spots to sit on at lunch time! The fact we didn't have any backrests bothered me quite a bit... That is, until we got our food! 

Here's Joe's review of the place: "It's a barbecue lover's paradise! The burnt brisket ends were my favourite, spicy and juicy."

I had the Smokestack burger, which is no where near the biggest offering! I chose the cheesy chilli fries to go with it, but if I'm honest, the chilli didn't add that much because the fries were absolutely DELICIOUS on their own. The best fries I've ever had by far! The burger was also really juicy and full of flavour, the meat is so well seasoned in this place, they take it very seriously!

The space is quite small, which is why don't take any bookings, so you just have to take a chance when you go in and hopefully you'll find a seat. Nonetheless, I cannot recommend it enough, everything was delicious! Writing this post was very hard indeed, cause it just made me wanna go back to Bristol tomorrow! haha

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Sunday Post #15: The Devil Wears Prada

Gifs from Tumblr.

What is the one movie you've watched dozens of times and know all the lines to? For me, that's The Devil Wears Prada! I actually struggle to watch it without talking over the people on screen and feeling really pleased with myself for getting all the lines right! haha 

I also love the dry humour in it. Who here has never laughed at one of Miranda's mean one liners? Or at Emily's grumpiness? Speaking of Emily, this was Emily Blunt's first big Hollywood film and, in my opinion, she completely stole the show! She has some of my favourite scenes in the whole movie and her acting in it is incredible.

Something that I think gets overlooked about it all the time is how amazing the soundtrack is! If you pay just a little bit of attention, you can tell how really dynamic and on point it is. Not to mention all the Madonna songs, it doesn't get much cooler than an outfit movie montage to the tune of Vogue (Vogue... Vogue)! 

I just realized the other day while watching that it actually came out almost 10 years ago now and it's really interesting to see how some of the oufits look a bit dated now (only if you're really into fashion though!) and what it will all look like in another 10 years time! I just love this "stuff" (see what I did there??).

And not to mention the super cute cameo by the amazing, gorgeous, uber model Gisele Bundchen, playing Emily's bitchy friend, Serena! I'm so proud of her whenever she's on a film, it's the Brazilian in me! haha

Have you ever watched TDWP? What are your thoughts on it?

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel - Review

A couple of months ago, I realized my skin was going on a downward spiral. It looked dull and blotchy, I was getting more breakout than I've had in years. Not to mentions the blackheads, those dreaded blackheads... I love my mum to death, but I'm afraid she didn't realize the benefits of skincare early enough in her life. The consequence being lots and lots of acne scars everywhere. She tells me she got them from poking at her skin every chance she got, so the advice she's always given me was to never pick at spots or blackheads! 

But how on Earth can I just leave them??? Especially the damn blackheads, showing their ugly heads on MY FACE! I can't just leave them there, they need to be gone. When I noticed the situation started getting really bad, I decided it was time I took some action! The first thing I did was head into Boots and pick up a few old favourites I had ditched to try out new products. And the first one was the trusty La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel!

This must be my third bottle of the stuff and I've just been kicking myself for not getting back into using it earlier! It is designed for oilier skin types. I'm more of a normal skin type gal these days, but I still don't feel like this makes my skin dry at all. The aspect I love the most about this cleanser is how easy and fuss free it is to look. We all know the benefits of a flanel/muslim cloth, but we all have our lazy days and this one is perfect for them! Just apply it to a damp face, massage it in a bit and wash it off! I also love that it is safe for around the eyes, it's never felt uncomfortable at all. And to top it all off, it is a very affordable £12 from most Boots!

Have you ever tried this cleanser? xx

Monday, 14 July 2014

The "All Eyebrow" Face!

Watching Anna's weekly vlog while getting ready!
Products used: Benefit's Dream Screen SPF // YSL Touche Eclat foundation in BR60 // Maybellinne's The Falsies waterproof mascara // MAC Studio Finish concealer in NW30 // MAC eyebrow pencil in Spiked // MAC eyeshadow in Mystery // Maybellinne Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze // MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark // MAC blusher in Stubborn //  MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle // Guerlain Terracota Bronzer in 08 // No7 lip pencil in Caramel

Check those bad boys out! I've really started going all out with filling in my brows. I always used to be scared of getting them too thick and ending up looking a bit funny, but nowadays I am loving this look! It kind of reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor's brows a bit, really dark and shapely. I start by defining the edges and filing them in where I need it with an eyebrow pencil and then I use the eyeshadow to set the pencil and soften everything up a bit.

I also think I've been spending too much time looking at Kylie Jenner's Instagram, cause I've been really into the 90's look. I got a couple of No7 lip liners a few weeks ago and one of them was this browny colour, Caramel. I just fill my whole lip in with it and I love the look and how much fuller it makes my lips look! 

What make up trends are you loving right now? xx


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